Q. Who is eligible to register for MOBIT- Faysal Mobile Banking?

Any active Faysal Bank Deposit Account holder with an active Faysal Pocketmate Visa Debit Card or Faysal UnionPay Debit Card can register for this service. To apply for a Debit Card, please visit your branch or call 111 06-06-06 to submit a card request.

Q. Do I need a specific mobile connection for this service?

No. This service will work with any pre-paid or post-paid mobile network connection having internet/ GPRS access.

Q. Is number portability supported for MOBIT?

This is a special case. The customer needs to inform the Bank so the portability disclaimer will be communicated at the time of activation. Certain features of the service may not work with ported mobile phone numbers.

Q. Do I need a special mobile phone device to use this service?

This service will work on any basic mobile phone or , smart phone with internet / GPRS capability.

Q. How can I activate Internet/GPRS on my mobile phone?

To activate internet/ GPRS, you need to contact your mobile network service provider.

Q. If I don't have internet/GPRS on my mobile phone, can I still register and use this service on another device with an internet connection?

Yes. You can register for this service and use it through any device including a Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet or any device with internet access.

Q. Is this service safe to use?

Yes. MOBIT is a safe and secure way to make payments, because:
  • No information is stored on your mobile phone which means that your LOGIN PIN and
    M-PIN (Mobile PIN) is never exposed even if your mobile phone is lost or stolen.
  • All transactions are secured with Advanced Encryption Methodologies which enhances your safety when using MOBIT.

Q. What do I require to use MOBIT?

You need the following to use MOBIT:
1. A Registered Mobile Number
2. A Login PIN
3. A Mobile PIN

Q. What is a Login PIN and how do I get it?

A Login PIN is sent via SMS at the time of registration, and is used to log on to MOBIT .

Q. Do I need to change my Login PIN when I use MOBIT for the first time?

Yes. To ensure security of your PIN, the system will ask you to choose a new LOGIN PIN at the time of first login. After that, you can change your Login PIN from the MOBIT Main Menu, whenever you like.

Q. What is a Mobile PIN and how do I get it?

A Mobile PIN is required to perform any transaction on the MOBIT Main Menu. At the time of activation, the Phone Banking Officer will call you back and help you with the Mobile PIN generation process.

Q. How do I register for this service?

Simply call our Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06-06-06 to speak to our Phone Banking Officer. To know more about the registration process please click on: HOW TO GET MOBIT

Q. Where do I find the Terms and Conditions for the service?

The Terms and Conditions are available on or for reference. By activating this service, you will agree to the same.

Q. What are the bank charges for this service?

You have an option to pay a monthly fee of PKR 50+ FED or an annual fee of PKR 300+ FED. All financial and non-financial transactions are free except IBFT which will be charged as per Bank’s Schedule of Charges.

Q. Are there any internet/ GPRS charges for using Faysal MOBIT on my mobile?

The internet/GPRS charges may vary based on your mobile connection package and the network that you may use.

Q. What is the funds transfer limit for Inter-bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) on MOBIT?

The maximum transfer amount limit is PKR 250,000 per day. The IBFT amount will be transferred instantly upon confirmation of a successful transaction.

Q. What information do I require to conduct an IBFT transaction on MOBIT?

To perform a successful IBFT transaction, You need the following:
• A complete account number of the beneficiary in the other bank
• The amount that you wish to transfer in PKR currency

Q. What is the funds transfer limit for internal funds transfer (Faysal Bank accounts)?

The maximum transfer amount limit is PKR 250,000 per day. The funds will be transferred instantly upon confirmation of a successful transaction.

Q. Under what conditions will I not be able to conduct an IBFT transaction?

You will not be able to conduct an IBFT transaction if:
  • You have not given the correct details for the beneficiary (including the beneficiary account number or branch code if required).
  • • The account that you have indicated does not have sufficient funds to perform IBFT or has transactional restrictions.

Q. What if I forget my Mobile PIN?

Simply call our Customer Interaction Centre at 111-06-06-06 to reset your Mobile PIN.

Q. What if MOBIT is giving an error while I try to use the facility?

You should ensure all information entered is correct. If MOBIT is still not working, please call our Customer Interaction Centre at 111-06-06-06 where our phone banking officers await to assist you.

Q. How do I change my mobile number or cancel the service?

You can contact our Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06-06-06 and request for any of these options.

Q. What are the safety precautions to protect myself from fraud / losses?

All the information is protected on the MOBIT website. However, we have some recommendations for your maximum security:
• Check the spelling in the web browser address bar and make sure you are on and click on SSL CERTIFICATE STATUS and ensure COMPANY / ORGANIZATION shows FAYSAL BANK LIMITED.
• Do not share your personal LOGIN PIN and Mobile PIN with anyone
• Please do not access MOBIT through someone else’s mobile phone
• Please access MOBIT through secured internet/GPRS and WIFI networks
• Please do not access MOBIT using public computers available at airports, internet cafes, colleges / universities etc.
• Change your password at least once a month
• Avoid storing sensitive information like LOGIN PIN and Mobile PIN on your mobile phone.
• Protect your mobile phone with a password so it gets locked when you’re not using it.
• Beware of your surroundings. Don’t type any sensitive information in the presence of other people.
• Log out completely when you complete a MOBIT session.
• Protect your mobile phone, computer and, tablets from viruses and malware just like you do for your computer by installing mobile security software.
• If you change your mobile number or lose your mobile phone, please call our Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06-06-06 to update your account details.
• Monitor your accounts regularly and report any suspicious activity to our Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06-06-06.
• If you are outside Pakistan, you can contact us at +(9221) 111 06-06-06 to block or reset your information.

Q. Can I use MOBIT if I am travelling outside Pakistan?

There are three ways of using this service while you’re travelling abroad:
• Access the service using your own mobile phone if you have international roaming facility.
In this case, you will be able to enjoy the full experience of MOBIT and its features.
• Access MOBIT using any other internet / GPRS enabled mobile phone from the country you are visiting; however, you will not receive SMS alerts associated with the service since they will be sent to your registered mobile number.
• You can always login to MOBIT by visiting from any desktop or laptop connected to the Internet. Your SMS alerts will be routed to your registered mobile number.

Q. Will Faysal Bank be introducing more features on MOBIT in the future?

MOBIT is a fast growing payment channel and is constantly evolving. Keep in touch with MOBIT to expect new offers coming your way soon.

Q. Where can I get more information about the service?

Call our Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06-06-06.When out of Pakistan call us at + (9221) 111 06-06-06).You can also visit our website: or If you would like to drop us a line, please email us at: [email protected]